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How we can help you maintain quality assurance standards

Gap analysis

Focus QA will thoroughly assess your current business model to identify your quality management system needs in relation to ISO 9001 compliance. We will then provide recommendations and an action plan for the development of your business system.

Business system documentation

Focus QA will work closely with you to document and/or update your business policies, procedures, forms and templates to ensure they are in line with quality assurance standards.

Staff training

Focus QA will conduct on-site staff training sessions to educate your employees about quality assurance certification, what it will mean to your company and the benefits of implementing quality assurance standards to your business. We will also provide in-depth training to your appointed QMR (Quality Management Representative) which will enable you to conduct the ongoing maintenance of your quality management system in-house if desired.

Internal audits

Internal audits are a requirement of the ISO 9001 standard and must be conducted prior to an
accreditation audit. Focus QA will review your documented systems and provide you with a
comprehensive Audit Report which outlines audit findings and recommendations of areas for improvement. This is a great way to gauge your company’s readiness for the accreditation audit.

Accreditation audits

Focus QA can assist you with selecting and procuring the right certifying body for your business.

Ongoing support

Although your quality assurance system will be designed to integrate into your every-day business there will be some areas that need to be managed separately such as regular internal audits. Focus QA believes in enabling businesses to run and maintain their own quality management systems by providing thorough training to QMRs, however we will always be available to provide ongoing support and advice post-accreditation.

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